Condominium Law

Our Expertise

The Condominium group at McLeod Law is one of the largest in Calgary comprised of a team of lawyers with extensive expertise in the unique field of condominium law, including one of the most prominent condominium lawyers in Alberta. Our team’s expertise spans across all aspects of multifamily developments, including the following:

Condominium Corporation Counsel

  • We work with Condominium Corporations, their Boards of Directors, and their property managers;
  • Condominium Property Managers in Calgary and area regularly turn to McLeod Law when in need of a condominium lawyer

Development and Financing

  • We represent developers, builders and land surveyors on matters pertaining to condominium developments of all sizes and multi-family communities;
  • We act as counsel in developer and Condominium Corporation financings;
  • We advise developers in the initial planning of a development, all the way through to holding of the turnover general meeting to the new owners of the project;
  • We assist developers with Joint Ventures amongst partners and investors;
  • We draft management agreements relating to construction and development of condominium projects

Administration and Bylaws

  • We assist condominium corporations, their Boards of Directors and property managers in drafting, passing and registering new or amended Bylaws or any other agreements and documents as necessary;

Buying and Selling Condominium Property

  • We act for sellers and buyers in the transfer of condominium units and accompanying parking stalls and storage lockers;
  • We review all condominium corporation documents as necessary in the purchase of a condominium unit;

Document Reviews

  • We review all condominium corporation documents or agreements that are applicable to a condominium project for proposed purchasers, property managers, condominium corporations or individual unit owners;
  • We provide legal opinions regarding the interpretation and application of all condominium related documents, including the Bylaws;

Bylaw Enforcement

  • We act for condominium corporations and their Boards of Directors or property managers in dealing with, and resolving situations in which:
    • Owners are committing Bylaw infractions;
    • Owners are not paying their contributions (fees);
    • An interpretation of Bylaws is needed, or
    • There are problems with tenants;
  • We assist condominium corporations and their Boards of Directors, or property managers in the collection of:
    • Contributions (condo fees);
    • Special assessments;
    • Insurance deductibles;
    • Fines or other fees; and
    • Any other arrears that may be outstanding;
  • When necessary, we will see this process through to foreclosure of the unit;

Insurance Matters

  • We review and advise on any concerns relating to insurance policies for condominium corporations, their Boards of Directors and property managers;

Developer Deficiency and Warranty Claims

  • We represent condominium corporations and their Boards of Directors, as well as developers and builders in dealing with all types of deficiency and warranty claims through mediation, arbitration and litigation;
  • These claims include building envelope issues, leaky condominiums, insurance claims, and other litigation that may arise in condominium construction;

Condominium Plan Amendments

  • We act for developers, surveyors, condominium corporations and their Boards of Directors or property managers to amend condominium plans;

At McLeod Law, we understand the importance of advancing education, particularly in the unique area of condominium law. Our condominium lawyers are continually involved with the following associations and programs:

  • Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) - South Alberta Chapter
  • Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta (ACMA)
  • Canadian and Calgary Home Builders Association, Calgary Region
  • Haskayne Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Studies Program
  • Legal Education Society of Alberta
  • Alberta Real Estate Association

Our active involvement and dedication to the understanding of the field of condominium development allows us to provide the highest level of advice, service and expertise to our clients. Our group members frequently speak and author papers for the above organizations, and other industry conferences and association committees, in addition to serving as directors and committee members.