Division of Matrimonial Property

Our Expertise

Our Family Law Group assists clients with assessing and determining the fair division of matrimonial property in accordance with the law.

The division of matrimonial property is often complex, involving pensions, investments, stock options, property, shares and corporate matters. Our family lawyers have the expertise in reviewing and advising clients on the division of their matrimonial property. We work closely with our lawyers in real estate, corporate, securities, and wills and estates, when required, to effectively conduct the division of matrimonial assets.

We work to successfully resolve our clients’ matrimonial property issues without going to court in order to save our clients the time, money and emotional stress of litigation. When it is necessary to go to court, we advocate our clients’ rights and interests aggressively and successfully. We have successfully achieved results for our clients through the processes of mediation, arbitration and collaborative law, to fairly divide their matrimonial property.

We also have expertise in representing clients with the division of property acquired in a common law relationship, including representing our clients in court to achieve an equitable division of assets from their common law relationship. We are available to answer any questions that you may have.


Our team of experienced family lawyers will meet with you at either of our offices in the southeast or downtown. Our south Calgary office is located a short distance away from Quarry Park. Please click here for our office locations.