"Canadian Provincial Bitcoin Law: It’s All About Protecting the Consumer", CoinDesk

Tue, 2013-12-24 00:00 -- MCLCMSuser01
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In an article published on coindesk, Matthew Burgoyne, head of our Fintech group at McLeod Law LLP, he describes the provincial legislation and accompanying regulations pertaining to companies operating in the bitcoin space.

Consumer protection legislation, Matthew expects, will be most relevant for bitcoin businesses operating in Canada. In addition, there are a number of other provincial acts which could apply (not only to bitcoin businesses but to any business), in a more generic sense, including Employment Standards Codes, Business Corporations Acts, Personal Property Security Acts, and Privacy Acts.

Read the article on coindesk.com here!

In Part I, Matthew explores legislation as it applies at the federal level, where he commented that it is at the federal level where most of the ‘action’ lies in respect to Canadian law as it pertains to bitcoin businesses.