April 13, 2017
By Aaron Bickman, TEP

Tips for Executor, Trustee and Attorney Accounting

Those who are in care and control of funds belonging to others as Executor, Trustee or Attorney, must maintain accurate records of all assets and liabilities, and income and expenses. These records should include all supporting documentation. As lawyers, we often advise Executors, Trustees, and Attorneys as to their duties and... read more
March 30, 2017
By Michael C. Kwiatkowski

Liability for damage caused by theft: Who pays?

In December 2016, trespassers attempted to remove a tank containing approximately 55 liters of hydrochloric acid from our client’s property. It appears that the trespassers were able to lift the tank over a high, barbwire fence surrounding the premises and dropped it on the other side of the fence into the neighbouring parking lot. The... read more
March 01, 2017
By David Cumming

Will changes to human rights legislation bring challenges to age restrictions in condominium corporations?

Whether it’s University dorms or assisted living facilities, people of similar age cohorts tend to cluster together. In some cases there are even rules encouraging this. Several Condominium Corporations have provisions in their bylaws placing restrictions on the basis of age. For... read more
February 01, 2017
By Mark Rathwell and Beverly Mendoza, Student-at-Law

Foreclosure Mortgage Discharge Statements

The Ontario case, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) v. Trang, 2016, reveals how the Supreme Court of Canada places importance on the legitimate needs of an organization to be able to collect through the use of personal information versus the individual’s rights of privacy. When I was a Foreclosure Paralegal I was bombarded with requests for mortgage... read more
December 20, 2016
By Asher Macdonald

Dividing Property in Divorce Proceedings: What is excluded?

Before dividing marital assets in a divorce, any possible exemptions must be identified as described in the Matrimonial Property Act (the Act). An exemption is property that is not equally divided as part of a matrimonial settlement. The Matrimonial Property Act requires the Court to distribute property in a just and equitable... read more
October 27, 2016
By Anne Rupcich

Limitation Periods: An Important Issue for Lenders Considering Legal Action

Legal claims must be made within legislated time periods referred to as limitation periods. Legal action should be considered a last resort but lenders with a potential debt claim should familiarize themselves with applicable limitation periods because the implications of missing a limitation... read more
October 04, 2016
By Randy Mitchell

Formal Offers of Settlement: Utilizing the Rules of Court to Encourage the Early Resolution of Claims

Settlement is an important consideration in litigation. When appropriate, settlement may reduce litigation costs while obtaining many goals of the litigants. Further, the Alberta Rules of Court are structured so plaintiffs and defendants may use reasonable offers of settlement to... read more
September 15, 2016
By Matthew Burgoyne

Attention Mortgage Syndicators: What’s missing in your documents?

I’ve had an opportunity over the last year to review mortgage syndication documentation for several clients, in situations where a registrant acts as an administrator for several investors who are participants in a syndicated loan. One problematic issue I encounter during my reviews is that buried amongst Subscription... read more
September 21, 2016
By Jamie Polley and Stephanie Whyte

Condominium Corporations vs. Homeowners Associations: How they differ

Many do not understand the differences between Condominium Corporations and Homeowners Associations. It is important to note that Homeowners Associations and Condominium Corporations are separate legal entities with separate rights, responsibilities and available remedies. Homeowners Associations are not restricted... read more
July 26, 2016
By Austin Paladeau

It's Not a Winning Lottery Ticket: Understanding Compensation in Negligence Claims

Austin Paladeau in our Personal Injury Law group, clarifies some of the common misconceptions about the compensation received by Plaintiffs in negligence claims in a recent article published by CanLII Connects. A common grumble heard from those outside the civil litigation bar is that people pursuing a... read more