Jewish National Fund - 2016 Negev Gala

Thu, 2016-07-07 11:01 -- mcleod_admin
Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jewish National Fund - 2016 Negev Gala

McLeod Law is proud to support the Jewish National Fund’s NEGEV Gala, held to honour local philanthropists and volunteers who give of themselves to the JNF and Israel.  This year’s honouree was Carol Ryder and her husband Larry Ryder (of blessed memory).

McLeod Law’s Aaron Bickman serves as the President of the JNF Calgary Board of Directors. The JNF has been performing environmental and other infrastructure work in Israel for the last 114 years, from planting trees to desalinisation and solar power. Much of this technology is also shared with other countries.

All proceeds raised went to Carol’s chosen project, the Musala Indoor Activity Terrace and Urban Green Roof in Jerusalem.

Aaron Bickman, Sandra Fayerman, Carol Ryder and Beth Price

Carol Ryder, 2016 JNF Honouree