Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our Expertise

Motor vehicle accident claims in Alberta often become complicated pieces of litigation, frequently fraught with hidden dangers, legislative restrictions, and challenging opponents. Our Personal Injury Practice Group has extensive experience with the rules, the law, and the players in this area and will ensure that your injury claim is fully investigated, that your recovery is as complete as possible, and that your claim is maximized for value.

We assist our clients with not only the prosecution of their action against the at-fault owner/driver and their insurer, but also with the administration of the accident benefits (Section B) portion of their claim. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive timely and appropriate therapy, as well as any disability benefits necessary to cover their time off work, paid for by their own vehicle insurer for as long as needed.

Doctors and treatment providers are essential players in the development of the evidence necessary to prove any personal injury claim, and our Personal Injury lawyers are well versed in assisting the co-ordination of these experts to maximize the benefit to our clients. In some cases we have even been able to facilitate referrals to appropriate specialists, diagnostic imaging, and certain forms of treatment to better assist our client’s recovery.

Everyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in Alberta has to consider the effect the Minor Injury Regulation may have on their claim. The Personal Injury Group at McLeod Law know this piece of legislation completely, from its application to its impact. We are interested in speaking to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident to help them determine if the Minor Injury Regulation applies to their case, or if they have a claim which falls outside the operation of that law. This is often a complex determination, and can require time and more than one consultation to be sure about whether an injury will be “capped” by this law or not.

The Personal Injury Group at McLeod Law has extensive trial experience. Few clients ever want to have to step into a courtroom to resolve their claim and our lawyers conduct their files in such a way that trial is often not necessary to achieve a reasonable and appropriate settlement. But when that is not possible, our firm has the experience, knowledge and reputation for taking claims to trial, and achieving excellent results. The knowledge gained at trial helps each of our members to better understand the defence positions we need to guard against on future files, and it has built us a reputation in the insurance industry as a firm to be taken seriously.