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Important to Your Rights as Albertans

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The Alberta Government's Insurance Review Committee is looking at reforming the current automobile insurance system in our Province. As part of that process they've circulated a survey to Albertans asking deceptively simple questions about a complicated process. There are many interesting ways to address auto insurance reform in Alberta, however, it appears from the survey that the Committee has decided that moving to a no-fault insurance system (similar to a WCB system) may be the only option.

We have Albertans best interests in mind and we believe it's important that every Albertan understands what a "no-fault" insurance system means.

If a no-fault system is adopted, injured innocent Albertans will be forgoing their rights to pursue fair compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, health treatment costs, and other damages they've suffered because of someone else’s negligence. We believe that maintaining the right to sue is vital to protect innocent Albertans who are victims of motor vehicle accidents. To do otherwise is to give all control over your claim and health to the insurance companies.

The present insurance system already allows access to no-fault benefits AND at the same time maintains the right to sue for compensation for your injuries and losses. The survey seems to suggest that you have to choose between either a) suing or b) accessing no-fault benefits. This is not true.

The current system provides for immediate access to treatment so injured persons can rehabilitate from their injuries. The current system also allows a person to sue for damages not otherwise covered by insurance.

We encourage Albertans to take the time to complete the Government's survey — telling the Government that maintaining your full legal rights—including the right to sue—is important to you.

Friday, March 6, 2020 is the deadline to complete the Government's short survey.

Take the Survey Here

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