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Mediation and Separation: How to Divorce Amicably Without Destroying Your Family

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Separating from a partner can be a difficult and stressful time for you and your family. In fact, a divorce can be a terrible time filled with emotion and uncertainty. There are the obvious concerns with how you will raise your children and how separation will affect your financial security for the future.

A separation can be an amicable and cooperative process whereby you can use mediation instead of litigation, and avoid the stress and conflict of going to court. Further, you do not have to incur the cost of a litigation battle.

We generally recommend mediation as the starting point to reaching a fair settlement in any separation. Throughout the process, a qualified mediator provides professional and compassionate services using mediation skills and experience as a family law lawyer.

Mediation provides a fair, safe and objective process to reach a resolution to your divorce or parenting matter. Clients meet in the comfort of an office environment as opposed to a court room. Mediation provides a better solution in resolving the uncertainties of your separation for you and your children.

In mediation, we strive to understand your perspective and analyze the best potential terms of settlement for your family. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process whereby you and the other parent work with your mediator as a neutral, to create your own parenting plan.

After evaluating your options, you and only you make the decisions that become the terms of the agreement. The goal of a successful mediation is to reach a mutual agreement that is specifically tailored for your family, your finances, and your future. 

At the conclusion of the mediation process you will have a full and complete Memorandum of Understanding ready to be reviewed and drafted by a lawyer of your choice. We can also draft your Separation Agreement to save you the costs of lawyers arguing about the wording of your settlement. The couples will often share the costs of preparing the Separation Agreement reached in the mediation to reduce the legal fees.

Mediation is a low-cost, efficient, peaceful, and effective alternative to litigation. Whether you are pursuing mediation without lawyers or using lawyer–assisted mediation, we provide attentive service and quality results to reach an end to your separation and divorce.

For further information on how to reach an amicable settlement, or to proceed with arranging an appointment for your mediation, please contact the author, Chad Johnson, or any member of our Family Law Group.

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