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Motor Vehicle Accidents: What to do if you've been involved in one.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents: What to do if you've been involved in one. 

So you've been in a car accident. What do you do next? 

Recently, Dr. Kristy Williams, Personal Injury Lawyer at McLeod Law, went through the steps you must take if you've been involved in a collision. 

Williams, who has a PhD in Neuroscience, a Masters in Health Law, and is called to the bar in both New York and Alberta, takes you through the steps from the moment it happens, to the aftermath. 

These are the steps you ought to take if you ever find yourself in this situation: 

1. "The first things you want to focus on are your health and safety." Williams says.

In the case that you need any medical treatment, be sure to get yourself assessed by EMS or attend to a hospital. 

2. Make sure you are safe which may require you to move your vehicle out of traffic. 

If you are able, however, get pictures or video of your vehicle before moving it. 

3. When safe, exchange any information with other individuals involved and witnesses. 

Section 69 of the Traffic Safety Act mandates that individuals who have been involved in a collision exchange information.

"So this means that you have to provide this information to other parties and they have to provide this to you." Williams explains.

4. Report the accident and if anyone was injured to police. If they are unable to attend the scene, you can report it at your local police detachment. In the case that you want to access your accident report, you can do so at

5. Get any of your injuries assessed within the days or weeks following the accident. 

Your automobile insurer is required to provide some coverage for medical treatment necessary because of a car accident.

6. Ensure to report the accident to your car insurer who can then help you coordinate repairs. 

7. Finally, consider reporting a personal injury lawyer. 

You can contact Kristy at (403) 278-9411 or 

The entire video with more information can be found here: 

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