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Nobody Wins in a Drunk Driving Case

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The Calgary Herald opinion piece Nobody wins in a drunk driving case, Ross Kaplan talks about the implications of getting ones life back, after being severely impacted by a drunk driving accident.

On September 9, 2020, Michael Shaun Bomford received a sentence of 5 ½ years for the death of his daughter Meghan Bomford, caused when he rolled his Jeep while driving drunk. The same incident resulted in severe and lifelong injuries to her best friend, Kelsey Nelson. 

McLeod Law's Ross Kaplan, represented Kelsey Nelson in her 2018 personal injury case against Michael Shaun Bomford. Ross Kaplan commented: The Bomford sentencing reminds me of an important lesson I’ve learned over my 40 years practicing plaintiff’s insurance law, and representing thousands of victims in personal injury claims. No matter the settlement, no one wins in a drunk driving case. The repercussions to both parties last a lifetime, and cost a fortune.

Since the early ’80s, anti-drinking-and-driving organizations have been sharing their message. Their valiant efforts remind us what’s at risk, depict horrific accident scenes and illustrate the agony of losing a loved one. Despite these strong and often shocking messages, somehow, the issue continues.

If pulling at the heartstrings doesn’t work to stop drinking and driving, then perhaps pulling at the purse strings will. Most people who injure others due to drinking and driving suffer financial losses that are almost impossible to recover from. The financial consequences are just as dire as the criminal ones. Kelsey and I implore you to think about that before getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. It is time to win the fight against drinking and driving.

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