February 08, 2019
By Charlotte Hall
How should the law regulate Cannabis Edibles, Extracts & Topical Products?  The Federal Government wants to hear from YOU!  Marijuana legalization on October 17, 2018 is a date that will go down in the history of our country. One year later (October 17, 2019) the Cannabis Act will authorize the legalized sale of: Edibles containing cannabis (gummies, butter, capsules, etc.) Cannabis... read more
November 21, 2018
By Spencer Chimuk
Employees and senior or “key” employees in particular, need to be aware that just because their employment has ended, that does not necessarily mean that all obligations to their former employer have ended as well. In Alberta, it is likely that certain obligations continue for as long as 12-18 months after termination of employment. While most employees understand that they need to meet their... read more
November 02, 2018
The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada has prompted numerous questions around the aviation industry regarding the impact this will have on pilots. Transport Canada is reminding pilots that while the rest of the country may be changing its attitude toward marijuana, it has not relaxed its stance. Are pilots allowed to use cannabis recreationally or for medicinal purposes?  Is there a "... read more
October 30, 2018
By Shane King, David Cumming, Chris Jones
The relationship between an employer and an employee is a contractual relationship. The terms of the contract may be written, verbal, or implied by the law to fill in any gaps that the parties did not consider when the contract was formed. When hiring staff, many employers do not turn their minds to employees using cannabis, or experiencing the effects of using cannabis at work. With the recent... read more
June 27, 2018
Welcome news for Albertans with loved ones who have a disability and are on AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped). The Alberta Government passed new legislation on June 11, 2018, An Act to strengthen Financial Security for Persons with Disabilities. The new law gives Albertans a better way to plan for the transferring of wealth to a loved one on AISH without the risk of having AISH... read more
June 15, 2018
In this article, Matthew Burgoyne, head of the Fintech group of McLeod Law, decodes new Canadian Securities Administrators guidance and the implications on token offerings. On June 11, 2018, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) released a new Staff Notice1 on the securities law implications for token offerings (the “Notice”). The Notice was published by the CSA partly as a result... read more
May 01, 2018
In an article published by CoinDesk, Matthew Burgoyne and Ryan Franzen of our Fintech group share their perspective on how Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) promoters can expect Canada to be as tough as the U.S.. They reference recent court decisions and explain: “The fact is, existing Canadian securities laws would probably already categorize most ICO tokens and coins as investment contracts, no... read more
May 01, 2018
By Layne Thiessen and Aaron Bickman
A common misconception among parties involved in estate litigation in Alberta is that the estate is required to pay their legal fees. Accordingly, individuals challenging a will or arguing over its provisions may be in for an unpleasant surprise when the bill comes due. The Old Rule (the “Old Rule”): Part of the misunderstanding likely stems from the fact that, in Alberta, up until recently,... read more
April 18, 2018
By Shane King, Vik Mall and Randy Mitchell
Individuals sometimes attempt to challenge contracts and gifts on the basis that an elderly person lacked capacity to understand actions, or was vulnerable to influence from another party. Such challenges sometimes occur years after the granting of the gift or signing of the contract, and when the elderly person’s mental condition has severely declined or they have since passed away. To fill this... read more
April 11, 2018
By David Cumming
As our population in Alberta grows, our cities change. There comes a point where cities stop growing out and start growing up. Dense urban centres are commonly associated with neighbourhoods that support a variety of uses and urban planners will generally say that this is a good thing. Having neighbourhoods with access to several services with a variety of different sorts of residences and... read more