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The convenience of two offices (downtown and south Calgary) makes it easier to meet with your lawyers.

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Calgary, AB T2X 3J3

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McLeod Law Celebrates 40 Years

When we began making plans for McLeod Law’s 40th anniversary, who would have imagined the year would be defined by a global pandemic? ...Read More

Robin G. Lokhorst

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Wrongful Death: What You Need To Know

Loss is never easy. If you’ve lost a loved one to wrongful death then the following guidance is offered to secure your family's financial future by helping you claim compensation from the wrongdoer.


Understanding Layoff vs Termination

Shane King explains some of the current employer and employee obligations and recent changes in response to COVID, from the basis of a layoff versus a termination to health and safety requirements.


Cryptocurrency and death: Where’s your key?

Cryptocurrency, cryptocoins, Bitcoin, cryptos, altcoins, digital coins, digital assets. If you hold digital currency, how do you ensure these assets are included in your estate plan?


Road Testing Your Incapacity Plan

As Alberta begins to re-open and people take to the roads again, it may be time to "check your oil". It may also be time to tune-up your estate plan. In case you need to rely on it, having a plan for incapacity is as important as having the right fluid levels in your car. We offer some questions to consider on your next road trip.


How to Know When You Have Entered into a Contract

The easiest way to show there is an agreement between two parties is to put it down on paper. But in reality, unwritten contracts can be formed by verbal agreement or by the actions of the parties.


What happens if you're injured as a passenger in another person’s vehicle?

Passengers who are injured in a car accident have rights against the driver of the vehicle they were in. These situations can become complicated and confusing quite quickly for injured parties, even with insurers who have the best of intentions.

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