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The convenience of two offices (downtown and south Calgary) makes it easier to meet with your lawyers.

Calgary South

300, 14505 Bannister Road SE
Calgary, AB T2X 3J3

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Calgary Downtown

Manulife Place
500, 707 - 5 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1V8

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Words to the wise

McLeod Law Celebrates 40 Years

When we began making plans for McLeod Law’s 40th anniversary, who would have imagined the year would be defined by a global pandemic? ...Read More

Robin G. Lokhorst

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40 Years, 40 Stories

36 Results

In celebration of our milestone anniversary, 40 Years 40 Stories celebrates the diverse expertise, personalities and points of view that have helped our firm grow with the Calgary community since 1980.

40 Years, 40 Stories

Matthew White, Partner

Matt feels right at home in Personal Injury law. He sees his role as helping his clients with the recovery process and making sure they receive the compensation they need to put their lives back together.

40 Years, 40 Stories

Neil Hutton, Partner

In his 26 years with McLeod Law, Neil is proud to have had a hand in steering the firm through the growth and transitions that have made it the success it is today.

40 Years, 40 Stories

Roy Klassen, TEP, Partner

Having practiced law for more than 25 years, Roy understands it’s less about the technicalities and more about listening to your instincts and taking a holistic view.

40 Years, 40 Stories

Brent Cooper, Partner

You’re not likely to find a bigger advocate for Calgary than Brent Cooper. “It’s the people and their energetic, optimistic vibe that make Calgary great, and its future positive.”

40 Years, 40 Stories

Stephanie Whyte, Partner

Stephanie's focus is litigation, foreclosures and the enforcement side of condo law. Boasting Calgary’s largest condominium law department, McLeod Law’s group has worked with most of the city’s condo corporations, so she understands the intricacies of organizations’ different bylaws.

40 Years, 40 Stories

Aaron Bickman, TEP

Just as he benefited from others when he was starting out, Aaron likes to give back, educating students and young lawyers.

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