November 06, 2015
By Aaron Bickman

The Importance of Having a Will: Peters v. Peters Estate, 2015 ABCA 301

Ileen Peters died without a Will (or intestate) in 2013, and her husband, Lester Peters, died intestate in 2009. They had one biological child together, the respondent. Lester had four daughters from a previous marriage, the stepdaughters of Ileen, and the appellant was one of Ileen’s stepdaughters. After Lester’s... read more
October 28, 2015
By Shane King

Bona Fide Occupational Requirements: Implications of the Meiroin and Grismer Decisions for Employers

INTRODUCTION Employers have a duty to accommodate the diverse needs of their employees. This duty may require an employer to modify the workplace, job requirements, or the employer’s standards, policies and practises to ensure that they do not negatively impact an employee because of a... read more
September 08, 2015
By Aaron Bickman

New Notice and Reporting Requirements for Executors Acting without a Grant

Since the enactment of the Estate Administration Act (the “EAA”) on June 1, 2015, which repeals the Administration of Estates Act (the “AEA”), there have been notable changes to Wills & Estates law in Alberta. One of the most significant changes under the EAA deals with personal representatives (“executors”)... read more
June 06, 2017

Updating the Bylaws for your Condominium Project

To ensure that Condominium Boards and Property Managers can effectively do their jobs, properly drafted and up to date Bylaws are essential. It is nearly impossible for the Board and Property Manager to operate a Condominium Project without current Bylaws. The list below represents some of the many issues that can be avoided or limited by... read more
July 28, 2015
By Stephanie Whyte

Floods in Condominium Units: Who handles the repair?

People in Condominiums are often confused when it comes to water loss. Many don’t understand what role the Corporation has or why they even need to be involved. If a flood occurs within a Condominium Unit why isn’t it up to that owner alone to fix the problem and repair the damage? Under section 47 of the Condominium Property Act (the... read more
June 16, 2015
By Marissa German

Why Every Parent Needs a Will

Marissa German explains in Calgary's Child magazine about the importance of having a will as a new parent, in creating certainty that your children's future will unfold in a manner that you envision and the implications when a will is absent. Creating a Will is the best way to ensure that your children’s future will unfold in a manner you envision should... read more
June 09, 2015

A Paid Suspension can Amount to a Dismissal 

Canadian Bar Association E-News, June 2015
June 09, 2015

Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Fundamental Principles of Solicitor-Client Relationships

Canadian Bar Association E-News, June 2015
June 06, 2015
By V. Philippe (Phil) Lalonde
Supreme Court of Canada Refuses to Hear Alberta Insider Trading Case By Philippe Lalonde On March 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) denied an application from the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) for leave to appeal a decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal in Walton v. ASC. The decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal in that case, had caused a bit of a stir in the securities... read more
June 05, 2015
By V. Philippe (Phil) Lalonde

Alberta Court Upholds Investigation and Disclosure Powers of ASC

The ASC is investigating possible breaches of the Alberta Securities Act (ASC). The company in question is also trading on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States. The ASC issues a Summons to an Alberta resident compelling him to appear at a certain date and time to be examined under oath, and to bring with him certain... read more