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The convenience of two offices (downtown and south Calgary) makes it easier to meet with your lawyers.

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40 Years, 40 Stories

Karan Jones, Resource Team Lead

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Karan’s path into the legal field was pure serendipity. When she emigrated from the UK to Canada in 2009, her student visa listed the legal assistant program an option. So that’s what she did.

Karan JonesAs head of the Resource team, she holds a unique position. She leads a team of five to ensure every legal assistant’s desk is covered in the case of absence and the work keeps moving. “I’m here to ensure everything ticks along,” she explains. “When the lawyers are taken care of, our clients are taken care of.”

Karan’s position requires her to have a broad knowledge of the firm and the basics of each of its areas of law. Because her team deals with all McLeod’s departments, she knows who’s who and who to speak to when assistants need information. “I make sure assistants are comfortable with the coverage of their desks when away from the office and the lawyers in turn get uninterrupted assistance with looking after their clients.”

Thanks to Karan’s unflappable temperament and familiarity with the firm, work across McLeod Law proceeds seamlessly, without interruption or fuss, when assistants are absent. “I go with the flow. My team and I just step in and do the work that’s asked of us.”

Karan’s flow outside of work involves Bollywood and tap dance lessons.

In celebration of our milestone anniversary, 40 Years 40 Stories celebrates the diverse expertise, personalities and points of view that have helped our firm grow with the Calgary community since 1980.

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