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Startups: What you may need to know.

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McLeod Law Partner, Brent Cooper, hosts his first episode of the Business and Entrepreneurship Series with Rite-Way Fencing President, Scott Ruzesky.

In a recent episode of the Business and Entrepreneurship Series, the President of Rite-Way Fencing, Scott Ruzesky, shared his thoughts and insights on success, capitalizing a start-up, and finding new business ideas.

Ruzesky emphasized the importance of vision and the ability to see opportunities that others may not. When it comes to capitalizing a start-up, he suggested being careful with every dollar spent and reinvesting that money back into the business. He also advised that, if you understand your core business well, you should be able to succeed in any marketplace.

When it comes to approaching opportunities, Ruzesky shared his approach of not taking no for an answer and continuing until he personally decides to stop. To learn how to find opportunities, he advised speaking with someone who is truly entrepreneurial and learning how they see things.

Ruzesky also emphasized the importance of banking, accounting, and legal representation as key pillars for running a successful business. He discussed the importance of innovation for staying ahead of the competition, and suggested doing extensive research before implementing new ideas.

When defining success, Ruzesky stated that it can be measured in various ways and not just strictly by one's bankbook. He also shared his curious nature and need to find answers to questions in his own mind. He emphasized the importance of understanding accounting as the basis for a successful business, and advised finding a legal team that understands your vision and style of doing business.

Overall, Scott Ruzesky provided valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners, offering a unique perspective on success, capitalization, and innovation in the business world.

You can listen to the full first episode of the McLeod Law Business and Entrepreneurship Series here

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