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40 Years, 40 Stories

Layne Thiessen, Associate

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LayneThiessen Bio 2A brief stint in journalism proved pivotal to Layne’s career. While reporting on troops deploying to Afghanistan, he was moved by how much they believed in what they were doing and realized he too wanted to help people and effect change. “That’s what got me into law school and what keeps me working every day.”

Focusing on estate litigation in the Wills, Trusts and Estates group at McLeod Law, Layne deals with tough issues, like elder abuse. He works hard to earn clients’ trust and, ultimately, help them find peace. “There’s nothing better than seeing the joy and relief on their face when the case is resolved.”

Journalism has served Layne well in another way, teaching the importance of objectivity and taking the time to understand the whole picture. This was instrumental in the case he’s most proud of: a bitter one that had been in courts for 13 years. Layne first had to win over his clients, then the other lawyers and parties. After it was resolved, he received a letter of thanks from the opposing parties. “That meant a lot — and highlighted the importance of respecting both sides.”

Travel is a constant in Layne’s life. He especially loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. “Travel keeps us modest, reminding us what a tiny place we occupy in the world.”

In celebration of our milestone anniversary, 40 Years 40 Stories celebrates the diverse expertise, personalities and points of view that have helped our firm grow with the Calgary community since 1980.

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