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Webinar: Legal and Career Obligations to Employees in response to COVID-19

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Shane King of McLeod Law's Employment Law group will speak April 7th to the Entrepreneurs' Organization, Calgary chapter in their webinar: Legal and Career Obligations to Employees in response to COVID-19, alongside Mario Patenaude of RSM Canada, Director of Management Consulting - People & Organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic is effectively now a global crisis of enormous proportion and impact. Business leaders and owners must show their leadership, but also fulfill their obligations to employees. Those obligations involve complying with employment laws and regulations, but also with their commitment to provide career opportunities and a great culture and working environment. While doing so is very favourable in the short term and during this crisis, it will be mission-critical once the COVID-19 crisis is over. 

Employees and their family are going through a period of personal risk and uncertainty, where they may believe that their most basic needs for food, shelter, safety and health are compromised by factors which they have minimal-to-no control over.  

Your employees and their families, as well as future employment candidates will remember, or find out, how they were treated during this pandemic. It will affect their loyalty, engagement, and interest in seeking a career with your organization.

Listen to the recorded webinar here.

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