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The convenience of two offices (downtown and south Calgary) makes it easier to meet with your lawyers.

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Transitioning to the new normal – the legal perspective

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As business owners start to open up and migrate their workforce back to the office or workplace, McLeod Law shares legal perspectives and best practices to members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization Calgary chapter. 

Shane King (employment law), Maria Nathanail (securities) and Robert Fooks (corporate law) will delve into:

Employment Law

  • How to bring people back
  • Do you have to bring people back
  • What does that look like i.e. reduced hour/ reduced pay
  • How to bring people back under the Employment Standards Code
  • Taking public transit: What responsibility do you owe your employees to protect their safety

Commercial Leases 

  • Lease re-negotiations
  • Distinguishing between renewals that are coming up vs. leases in the middle of an existing term
  • The playing field has leveled for everyone in terms of their options
  • Changing a lease agreement, whether on the landlord or tenant side, it's important to document any concessions 

Conducting shareholder meetings completely electronically

  • Virtual meetings are conducted entirely online with no physical meeting
  • A companies bylaws must permit an entirely virtual meeting to be conducted, or be amended to do so

We are committed to helping businesses get through this, and as the landscape continues to shift, we continue to share our legal know-how through conversations, webinars, forums, and online resources. We are here for you. 

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