Securities Litigation

Our Expertise

In a time of increased industry regulation, heightened vigilance and enforcement activity, we have a team of senior corporate and litigation counsel with the unique experience, familiarity and first-hand knowledge of the Alberta Securities Commission regulatory framework, its personnel, its policies and its practices.

We have recently been involved at each of the various stages of these processes, including (i) compliance; (ii) complaints; (iii) investigations; (iv) charges; (v) Hearing; (vi) discipline.

We act for parties on both sides:

  • Including victims of improper securities dealings; and
  • Corporations, their directors, officers and shareholders, who are facing the scrutiny of the regulators.

The services provided by our Securities litigation lawyers include:

  • Compliance
  • Regulatory investigation
  • ASC charges
  • Hearings
  • Shareholders rights
  • Discipline

Emerging Issues

  • Jeff Moroz and Philippe Lalonde of McLeod Law representing a group of investors regarding the Investment Exchange Mortgage Corporation, involving the Alberta Securities Commission's first extradition in nearly 10 years, of Douglas Schneider, June 2014