Debt Recovery & Foreclosure

Our Expertise

Our group of litigators has extensive experience in enforcing both secured and unsecured debt obligations. We act on behalf of institutional and private lenders in enforcing mortgage and personal property security remedies quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We have extensive experience enforcing judgments and remedies available to commercial and residential landlords, through working closely with civil enforcement agencies throughout Alberta.

In debt enforcement, speed and efficiency are critical. We have successfully enforced numerous judgments across Canada for our clients, which included seizure and sale of the following:

  • Public and private shares
  • Retail inventories
  • Bank accounts
  • Grain and growing crops
  • Taxi licenses
  • Land and buildings
  • Art and coin collections
  • Hunting licenses
  • Mobile homes
  • Jewelry and gems
  • Gravel and rock quarries
  • Firearms
  • Race horses and jumping horses
  • Vehicles and boats
  • Farm equipment