Personal Injury

Our Expertise

As one of the founding practice areas of our firm, the McLeod Law Personal Injury Practice Group has extensive experience handling injury and fatality claims at every level of court in Alberta. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common source of claims for our Practice Group, and we also have a wealth of experience handling claims arising from slip and fall accidents, assaults, product liability, and medical malpractice.

Many complex issues commonly arise in the course of dealing with any kind of personal injury claim, and as a result our personal injury lawyers have dealt with a multitude of associated insurance-related issues such as disability claims, accident benefits (Section B) claims, subrogated claims, Alberta Health Care claims, claims against work insurers for treatment cost and/or disability entitlement, associated WCB claims, and many others.

Our approach to personal injury claims at McLeod Law is a proactive one. Our main priority is facilitating our clients’ return to their pre-accident level of health and function as quickly and completely as possible. We work with doctors and caregivers to ensure our clients are receiving proper care and attention as quickly as our health system can deliver. We also work to ensure that the evidence necessary to prove our clients’ claims and maximize their compensation is developed by the appropriate caregivers in a timely fashion, and that this evidence is kept current throughout the life of our clients’ files.

An increasingly common aspect of personal injury claims in Alberta is the requirement to attend at some form of mediation before a matter is allowed to be set down for trial. Our Personal Injury Group also has extensive experience with this process, having participated in Judicial Dispute Resolution mediations, private mediations and insurance sponsored settlement conferences for over two decades.

Our Personal Injury lawyers have extensive trial experience. We understand that few clients ever want to have to step into a courtroom to resolve their claim and our lawyers conduct their files in such a way that trial is often not necessary to achieve a reasonable and appropriate settlement. But when that is not possible, our firm has the experience, knowledge and reputation for taking claims to trial, and achieving excellent results. The knowledge gained at trial helps each of our members to better understand the defence positions we need to guard against on future files, and it has built us a reputation in the insurance industry as a firm to be taken seriously.