Employment & Labour

Our Expertise

Employers who are equitable and aware of the importance of investing in employment agreements, policies and procedures achieve benefits in the form of lower staff turnover, increased productivity and fewer lawsuits. In this area, we partner with many of our clients in a variety of labour and employment matters.

As legal counsel and advisors, we assist in the development, drafting and delivery of employment contracts, personnel policies, practices and agreements that comply with employment standards and human rights legislation with an aim to avoid costly and unnecessary litigation.

When litigation is unavoidable, we represent both employers and employees to ensure that a fair and equitable settlement, or when necessary, a court ordered resolution is achieved.

We also act on behalf of clients to enforce and defend confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and employment contracts, defend and prosecute allegations involving wrongful dismissal, discrimination, departure of key employees, human rights, fiduciary duties, workplace harassment, seniority issues, and workers' compensation and disability claims.

Working closely with our corporate and securities lawyers, we advise on employment matters arising out of mergers and acquisitions, corporate takeovers, and company reorganizations.